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Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth. If there is a gap between two teeth, your dentist will use a traditional bridge that relies on two crowns attached to the teeth on both sides of the gap. These crowns hold a fake tooth in place. If the gap is in the back of the mouth, a single crown attached to one tooth holds the fake tooth in place.

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

When gaps are present in the teeth, they allow the surrounding teeth to shift out of place, causing serious misalignment issues in the mouth. This misalignment affects the chewing and biting function, and as these misaligned teeth come together, chipping and cracking of the teeth can occur.

Caring For Your Dental Bridge

With proper care, your dental bridge can last for at least ten years or more. Brush your bridge in the same way you brush your natural teeth and floss around the artificial tooth as well. It is also recommended to visit your dental hygienist once or twice a year to remove any tartar that has built up around the gumline.

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