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We love to smile and laugh when we’re happy, but missing, damaged, and discoloured teeth can seriously affect our self-confidence. At New West Dentistry & Implant Centre, we are committed to maintaining and improving your smile to ensure your well-being.

three women with white teeth

Hollywood Smile

Prepare to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile by investing in yourself with a Hollywood Smile Makeover. This makeover is designed to restore missing, damaged, and misaligned teeth and give you the confidence to share your wonderful smile.

VENLAY Restorations

Venlay restorations are handcrafted porcelain veneers that are applied over healthy teeth. They are used to reshape your teeth and correct your bite and smile, but also applied in such a way as to restore a more youthful jawline.

three women with white teeth
three women with white teeth

Dental Crowns

If your teeth are damaged or decayed, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that sits on top of a damaged tooth, restoring the look and function of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile starts with bright white teeth so you can be confident in your daily life. At New West Dentistry and Implant Centre, we offer both in-house treatments and take-home kits so you can whiten your teeth in a way that is convenient for you.

three women with white teeth
three women with white teeth


If you have discoloured, cracked, or chipped teeth, it is possible to restore the look of your teeth by getting a dental veneer. A veneer is a cosmetic shell that is permanently affixed to the front surface of the tooth.

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