I need a filling, what are the material options?

Today there are many options for filling materials. The decision is usually based on many factors.

Teeth can be restored (filled) with gold, amalgam silver filling (using many metals including mercury), or tooth coloured porcelain, resins, glass ionomer (using glass particles), and a newer material called zirconium for its strength.

The location of the decay and restoration, whether it is in the back where most of the forces are, may dictate material of choice. The type of material used will also determine how the tooth is prepared, and could take more than one appointment and have a laboratory (technician) cost as well.

Other influences include, filling size and depth, cost of the various materials, such as gold and porcelain where a lab technician may be included, your insurance coverage, and the recommendation of your dentist.

All these factors are used to determine the right filling for you. What does the future look like? Robotics and lasers? Stem cells? These are exciting times for both the dentist and the patient! So be sure to ask your dentist what is best for your next treatment.

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