A bridge is a way to replace one or several adjacently missing teeth. Unlike a denture a bridge is not removable and is cemented into place permanently. Essentially, one tooth on either side of the gap is covered with a crown. Both crowns are attached to the “bridge” that spans the gap where the teeth are missing. The result is a very esthetic restoration of missing teeth.

The clinical steps in providing a bridge to a patient are very similar to those for a crown. The difference is that two teeth are prepared at parallel lines to each other and at the end of the appointment the temporary that is inserted is actually a bridge and spans the gap (as opposed to 2 separate temporary crowns). It is very important that the temporary restoration spans the gap in the case of the bridge; due to the dynamic nature of teeth they are constantly shifting and the temporary bridge is required to maintain proper space between the two teeth. If the gap is left open there is a chance the teeth could shift between appointments and the bridge would not fit adequately during the insertion appointment. Aside from these two aspects, a bridge preparation appointment is identical to a crown preparation appointment.

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Dental Bridges

Dental bridge treatment