Tooth loss occurs for various reasons (extreme decay, trauma, gum disease). One way to replace one or multiple missing teeth is through implant placement. In our office we provide comprehensive implant treatment ranging from the initial atraumatic extraction of the tooth and bone/soft tissue graft, through to placement of the implant to restoration and proper maintenance (start to finish). In most cases, the initial treatment is a process where the implant structure is surgically placed into the jawbone and then allowed to heal for several months. During this time the patient is provided with a temporary replacement of the missing tooth/teeth for esthetic purposes (most often a temporary partial denture).

After healing has occurred the tooth is ready to be “loaded”. In other words, the final crown can be placed on the implant and is ready for function. Implants eliminate the need to involve adjacent teeth (as with bridges) and is a permanent fixture in your mouth just like real teeth (unlike dentures). On occasion, the treatment length can be shortened by placing the implant and overlying crown on the day of extraction (“tooth in a day”), however this is only possible when the situation is ideal.

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