What do I do if I knock an adult tooth out traumatically?

If an adult tooth is dislodged the first thing to do is find the tooth and make sure it is clean. The socket will bleed so applying pressure with a tissue or gauze is wise. Once the tooth has been located place it into some warm milk and phone a dentist immediately.

A tooth that has been dislodged can be re-implanted with moderate success rates, though timing is critical; the sooner
the better! The dentist will need to do a root treatment procedure and splint the tooth to adjacent teeth to increase the success of implantation. After a few weeks of healing the splint can be removed and stability assessed. This tooth will need to be checked regularly in the future to assess for any root problems that can arise as a con- sequence of this type of trauma. Going forward, it is wise to prepare for the future replacement of this tooth with an implant, bridge, or denture since long-term success is unpredictable. If you have further questions feel free to ask your dentist at your next visit!